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After 32 years in the timeshare industry I find that many people that own timeshare do not fully understand or get the full value from their ownership. lt is with this in mind, that I am starting my Club Management Exchange Program, to assist all owners that are interested to become involved and I will assist them with information, education and the skills that I have built up over the years. My 32 years in this industry has been in customer service and assisting members with their vacations.

Our primary focus with our Club Management Exchange Program will be for timeshare owners to have a better understanding of what they now own, how to use it, how to trade it and how to get the maximum benefit for what you own. DVU does not own, manage or sell timeshare resorts so we are totally independent and are there to be of service to you, the timeshare owner.

You will be able to pledge your weeks to DVU. Your maintenance & other fees to your resort must be paid before you can travel on them. So if you pledge your weeks but do not plan on using for a number of years you will only need to pay each fee as it is due to your resort. If you plan on utilizing the weeks right away your fees for the current year must be paid to your resort before turning them into DVU. DVU will contact your resort or club for confirmation of the status of your week or weeks before entering them into our exchange bank. You must not give the same week you are banking to another person or company a DVU will be giving the week to an exchange guest.

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